Hey everybody, this is a gecko I rescued from the pet store today. His name is Ezekiel. Any tips on how best to help him? I have reptiboost and mini mealies for him.

He is so tiny. ): I usually wouldn’t say force feeding right away but he looks like he’s gonna go soon if he doesn’t get something in him fast. I can’t believe the pet store is able to fucking have animals this obviously unhealthy in their store. Such a shame. Good luck! Keep me in the loop about him!

Try not to feed him too much at once either, and I would feed him everyday. One of my leos came to me in the exact same, if not worse condition.

Thanks! I’m trying to keep him hydrated and give him vitamins. He’s eaten two mini mealies and I don’t want to force feed him till I have more time to observe his condition. It’s really boosting my hopes for the guy hearing how so many others have helped save geckos like this! I’m posting pictures daily as updates

It makes me happy that there’re people like you who do this sort of thing. I really hope your new little guy is healthy soon. Keep up being awesome and I second what everyone has said.